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The Pizza Junction pizzeria has been in business for over 25 years and continues to serve the customers of the St. Jacobs Farmers Market with their carefully crafted pizza.
pizza junction
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  • Pepperoni Pizza

    Covered with cured smoked pepperoni

TAKEHOME: $18.80
  • Veggie Pizza

    Prepared with a combination of herb tomato sauce and Suzie's herb garlic sauce and lots of our daily fresh cut vegetables.

TAKEHOME: $19.90
  • Hawaiian Pizza

    Topped with cured smoked pepperoni, cured bacon and loads of pineapple.

TAKEHOME: $19.90
  • Canadian Pizza

    three assortments of meat including cured smoked pepperoni, cured bacon, mild Italian sausage and fresh sliced mushrooms.

TAKEHOME: $20.57
  • Personal Size Gluten Free

    Our gluten free dough is Suzie's own creation. As a celiac patient she wanted to offer a superb product for those with dietary needs.


All prices are subject to GST